Our Story

Our First Thought

In 2010 several mission minded individuals realized that most non-profits in the area were just putting band-aids on the same people and others were going without any band-aids (help)

So, we decided we would start a non-profit that worked together with other non-profits, churches, businesses, schools and individuals to cover the needs of families and utilize our resources wisely.

It was a great idea and we worked with several churches and began building a relationship with the local school district.

The reality of Non-profits

In 2012, we began to notice that many of the non-profits in our area had their areas of interest and funneled their resources and attention towards those areas.  We needed to find our niche.

So we refocused our efforts to be a resource for the local school district and help them out as much as possible.

We also continued our supportive and cooperative relationship with the churches we are in partnership with.

It was awesome and we helped many families with Utilities, Christmas, Food, Rent, Disaster Relief and a variety of other needs.

New Direction-A need not being met

In 2018, as we continued to build a relationship with the local school district, we became aware that there were 1000+ children in our schools that did not have a permanent address.  This means these families were living in their car, a motel or on someone's couch!

No one in our area was addressing this issue.  These children could not be getting the best education if they were tired, hungry and worried.

At the end of 2018, we began our new initiative, HOME (helping others thru mutual efforts) and worked with the McKinney Vento Social Worker at the school district, to identify a family that just needed a little help to get back on their feet.

So here we are 3 years later, during a Pandemic, and we have helped 6 families move from no permanent home to thriving in their own residence.  Secure in housing, finances, food and clothing!

This is our major focus - 1 family at a time.  We still work with our community partners and have built many relationships with businesses, churches and individuals who want to help set up the homes and donate their skills and resources to these families!

I think we found our non-profit niche!

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